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Pediatric Medical Malpractice Explained by a Cleveland medical malpractice attorney

Medical negligence can strike victims of all ages, including children. If your child suffered serious harm as a result of pediatrician malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. For help in determining if you have a valid claim worth pursuing, you should immediately seek legal counsel. Contact aCleveland medical malpractice attorney to discuss your case.

Common Types of Negligence in a Pediatric Medical Malpractice Case

One of the most common types of negligence that can happen is making a diagnosis error. This can be the result of failing to order the proper tests, misreading the results, ignoring symptoms or misdiagnoses.

Children are especially susceptible to harm when certain types of illnesses aren’t promptly diagnosed. When treatment is delayed because of a mistake in the diagnosis, it could result in devastating consequences. A disease or condition that may have been treatable could suddenly become deadly. For example, younger children may not have a strong enough immune system to fight off an infection. If treatment is postponed, the infection could progress to a life-threatening point.

Another common type of negligence that could result in a medical malpractice case is a mistake with medication. Giving a child the wrong type or dosage could be fatal.

Other types of negligence may include surgical errors, anesthesia mistakes, failure to monitor patients and more. At any time, a duty of care is owed to your child, and if a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or any other medical professional violates your child’s duty of care, it could result in him or her being held liable.

Common Injuries Stemming from Pediatrician Malpractice

Medically negligent acts could lead to devastating consequences for your child. Children are prone to suffer serious injuries when they are the victims of medical mistakes. Therefore, it is important that the doctor is diligent in providing care for your child, so your child will not have to suffer the consequences of medical malpractice.

Some of the most common injuries that a child can suffer as a result of medical malpractice include:

  • brain injury (lack of oxygen, medication error, blood pressure falls);
  • pneumococcal infection (can enter the bloodstream and then organs);
  • meningitis(brain damage or death);
  • hemorrhaging (during surgery);
  • organ damage (cutting or nicking organs during surgery);
  • bacterial infections (can cause serious complications such as sepsis); and
  • strep infections (can spread to other parts of the body).

Contact a ClevelandMedical Malpractice Attorney

You could be entitled to an assortment of damages if your child suffered at the hands of a medical professional. You could be compensated for the treatment and health costs associated with the injury.

This could include future expenses that you may be facing, such as additional surgery or long-term care. In some cases, it could lead to a child needing months, years or even a lifetime of medical care. Compensation for rehabilitation, physical therapy, counseling and more may be available. So if you child has sustained injuries from a medical professional, contact the law offices of Mellino Robenalt at 440-333-3800 to discuss your case.

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