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Parenting Plans in California

A parenting plan in a California divorce is essentially a child custody and visitation agreement. It consists of the parents’ written agreement about their time-sharing schedule with the child and how they will make decisions about the health, education, and well-being of the child. Such a written plan is recommended by California family courts and should provide predictability and less conflict about the shared time each parent spends with a child. Once such a plan is put into writing, it must be signed by both parents as well as the family court judge involved in the case and filed with the court. After that, the parenting plan becomes a court order and violations against it may be taken up through further court intervention.

Family courts in California recommend that your parenting plan should ensure that both parents are given pertinent information about their children, that both parents have access to calling their children, that both parents can review their children’s medical and school records, and that each parent has a way to contact the other parent, such as through phone and email. Only in cases where domestic violence or child abuse has occurred would these factors be disallowed.

Parenting plans should meet the needs of the particular child with plans adjusted based on these needs as opposed to the needs of the parent. Children should be given consistent and regular visitation with each parent and plans should be detailed and specific so that they can be enforced.

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Child custody and visitation is one of the more difficult issues that parents must resolve when going through a divorce. Most parents have their children’s best interests at heart although the trauma of divorce can affect both parents and children making this issue even more stressful. Because of this, if you are contemplating a divorce in the Orange County area, it is essential that you avail yourself of the guidance and support of a trusted divorce attorney.

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