Written by attorney Christopher Michael Mellino

Pain after Colonoscopy: Options for Post-Colonoscopy Complications Because of Malpractice

Persistent pain after colonoscopy procedures may indicate post-colonoscopy complications, although some discomfort may be expected. The procedure – typically recommended for individuals over 50, at risk of certain conditions, or who exhibit possible signs or symptoms – may leave patients with a feeling of discomfort or bloating.

While uncommon – according to a study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, two out of every 1,000 patients suffer serious post-colonoscopy complications after undergoing the procedure – those who experience complications that are because of negligence may file a malpractice claim. Contact a malpractice attorney in Cleveland, Ohio, to discuss your legal options.

Types of Post-Colonoscopy Complications

Various complications may cause pain after colonoscopy procedures. While some of these are minor and can be treated with time and bed rest, others are more serious and could even pose life-threatening risks.

Possible types of post-colonoscopy complications include:

· Hemorrhaging – If a polyp is removed during the procedure, it can lead to internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. Though this may heal on its own, serious hemorrhaging may need further medical treatment.

· Perforation – The sides of the colon may be punctured and torn by instruments used in the colonoscopy.

· Tears and ruptures of the spleen – Trauma to the spleen during the colonoscopy procedure can cause tears and ruptures. These are often hard to detect, as symptoms rarely present themselves.

· Sepsis – If the bowel is perforated, it may allow bacteria to enter the patient’s bloodstream which could lead to sepsis.

· Infection – If instruments or the hospital room are unsanitary, it can lead to a dangerous infection.

· Aggravation of bowel disorders – When a patient suffers irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, or another disorder or the bowels, a colonoscopy can aggravate or worsen it.

Not all cases of these complications are the result of medical malpractice. An attorney in Cleveland, Ohio with Mellino Robenalt LLC can evaluate your case to help you determine if negligence may have led to these complications. As a Cleveland medical attorney is not a certified physician, your lawyer will likely incorporate expert testimony into your claim so that a comparable doctor can weigh in on whether your colonoscopy was performed correctly.

The doctor must have provided care that was not consistent with the care expected of another reasonable professional in the same situation if it is to be considered medical negligence. If complications arose despite the doctor’s adherence to the standard of care, a claim may not be warranted, as many are considered inherent risks of the procedure.

Filing a Claim

Filing a malpractice claim could garner you funds to help pay for medical bills, recoup lost income, and compensate you for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Claims regarding post-colonoscopy complications may be based on a lack of informed consent, failure to diagnose existing bowel problems, or negligence in performing the procedure.

Did you suffer complications after undergoing a colonoscopy? Learn about filing a claim in this FREE Ohio medical malpractice guide or call Mellino Robenalt LLC at (216) 241-1901 or 440-333-3800 to speak to a malpractice attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. You could be due compensation if your pain after a colonoscopy procedure is due to negligence.

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