Written by attorney Michael H. Gruhin

Ohio Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlement

Ohio Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlement - Should you 'cash out' your claim? Is that the right move to make?

If you have an allowed OhioBWC claim, you are eligible to seek workers' compensation benefits. You might be contacted by the employer or the employer's representative with a lump sum settlement offer. You might be tempted to take a lump sum cash payout instead of getting biweekly payments based on your full weekly wage / average weekly wage and payment of medical and prescription bills.

In order to determine if a lump sum settlement is in your best interest, you have to understand all of the options available to you under your Ohio Workers' Compensation claim. In order to get the information you need, you should seek the advice of a Board Certified Ohio Workers' Compensation Specialist Attorney. Taking a lump sum payment to close your claim without the advice of a specialist is the wrong move and can lead to financial and medical disaster.

The advice and knowledge of a Board Certified Specialist Attorney is critically important. You should ask for your free no obligation consultation with Mike Gruhin.

Understand how to maximize OhioBWC benefits before you settle your claim. Learn that settlement closes out all future compensation benefits, that's money for you and payment of your medical expenses.

Sometimes a settlement is not in your best interest. Don't let a big dollar settlement offer tempt you to close your claim without understanding the future value of your claim. Your employer or its attorneys know the future value of the claim and that's why they act to close out your claim.

You need a Board Certified Specialist Attorney to help you get through the legal maze and understand the legal mumbo jumbo. Don't be fooled. You need a specialist representing your legal interests and helping you understand what the right decision might be for your unique situation.

You have questions, Mike Gruhin has the answers. Contact us today to find out what your rights are and get the peace of mind you need.

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