Written by attorney Douglas Alan Funkhouser

Ohio OVI/DUI First Offense Penalties

An OVI conviction can result in serious penalties. For a first offense conviction, a judge will impose a minimum fine of $375.00, although the fine may reach as much as $1,075.00. The judge will also impose a mandatory driver’s license suspension (separate from the ALS suspension imposed by the BMV) of somewhere between a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 3 years. The convicted driver may be eligible for driving privileges in order to attend school or work or medical appointments after the lapse of a certain period of time from the date of the offense. Furthermore, the court will impose a minimum jail sentence of 3 days and possibly up to 6 months, and/or participation in a court-approved drug/alcohol intervention program. If the person convicted of an OVI is found to have a BAC over .17%, the mandatory minimum penalties a judge must impose will double, including more jail time, a heftier fine, and the use of special license plates.

If you have been charged with an OVI or DUI in Ohio and are facing Ohio OVI Penalties contact an OVI Attorney.

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Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.19

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