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Officer Killed In Motorcycle Crash

Near the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) a police officer was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, August 20 after the driver of a Jeep turned in front of his motorcycle. The UTSA officer, Sergeant Hector Barrera, 33, was riding his motorcycle on Shaenfield Road and FM, but suddenly a Jeep driven by a 65 year old man turned into his path. Barrera collided with the back passenger side of the Jeep and was killed in the collision. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Information about the driver of the Jeep has not been made public, aside from his age, and it is unclear whether or not he sustained injuries as a result of the crash. Police have not concluded if drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident, but an ongoing investigation is being conducted. Potentially, the driver of the Jeep could face charges if he is found to be at fault for Barrera’s death. Barrera graduated from the UT System Police Academy in 2003 and shortly thereafter he became a commissioned police officer. He had been a sergeant with UTSA for nearly a year by the time he died. Before he became a sergeant, Barrera had worked for the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office and then the Starr County Sheriff’s Office. He was described as being an exemplary officer with an excellent record by UTSA President Ricardo Romo. Romo said that Barrera was obviously very dedicated to his job and was always professional. Motorcycle accidents are very often caused by drivers who are turning and do not see the motorcyclist. While motorcycles are much smaller vehicle and can be more difficult to see than other automobiles, this is not an excuse for drivers to be inattentive. Drivers must be aware that they share the road with motorcyclists as well as bicycles and pedestrians, all of which can be hard to see due to varying circumstances. This does not absolve drivers of responsibility. Drivers must be mindful of unexpected circumstances and must be ever-vigilant. No one should ever make a turn or pull out of a parking lot without first making absolutely sure that there is no one in their path. The same applies to motorcyclists. While some motorcyclists may take risks, disobey the rules of the road, or choose to not wear a helmet, most motorcyclists are keenly aware of their own safety and surroundings because they are less protected than other drivers. But just because motorcyclists are at an increased risk of serious injury or death in the event of an accident does not mean that they must bear the sole responsibility of their own safety. Any driver who cannot pay enough attention to the road and surrounding motorists should not be operating a vehicle.

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