Written by attorney James Robert Cummings

North Carolina Legislature creates a new sentencing guidelines

Hi! I'm James Cummings with the law firm of Cummings & Cummings. I wanted to bring you up to speed on some more changes to the DWI law. Under Laura's law which was passed December 1, 2011, the North Carolina Legislature has created a new sentencing guideline for DWI's. If you have three grossly aggravating factors, you could now be facing anywhere from 120 days up to three years in prison on a misdemeanor DWI. Grossly aggravating factors include prior convictions for DWI's, having your license suspended for DWI or having a child or disabled person in the car. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI and your facing severe punishment, give us a call at Cummings & Cummings. At Cummings & Cummings, the initial consultation is always free and confidential.

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