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Criminal Calendar Codes

?PD: name of a city’s police department. (? – represents the first letter of the city)

ABC: Alcohol Beverage Control

ADA: Assistant District Attorney

ALE: Alcohol Law Enforcement

AP: date appealed from district to superior court

APD: International Airport Police

APT: appointed attorney name or initials

ATTY: private attorney name or WAIVED

BO: bound over to superior court date

(data case was transferred from district to superior)

BOND: the bond amount and type

CUS = custody release

CSH = cash

DIS = the officials discretion

PTR = pre-trial release

SEC = secured

UNS = unsecured

WPA = written promise to appear

CLS: offense class

A, B1, B2, C, D, E, F, G, H, I = Felony Offense

A1, 1, 2, 3 = Misdemeanor Offense

CONT: number of continuances

CSH: cash

CT. APPT. ATTY: court appointed attorney

CUS: custody release

DIS: the official’s discretion

DMV: Division of Motor Vehicle

DOM VL: indicates this is a domestic violence case

GL: guilty to a lesser offense

GU: guilty

JA: judgment arrested

JAIL STATUS: jail status of the defendant

Y = defendant is in jail

N = was in jail but released

U = unknown

JUDGMENT: results from the case being heard

L: level of punishment based on number of points used for sentencing

LID NUMBER: Id number assigned by local law enforcement officer for the defendant

L-T: NC License & Theft Division

NC: no contest

NG: not guilty

NR: not responsible

OFA: Order for Arrest

Y = yes

OTH: other

P: points based on prior convictions

P.D.: Public Defender name or initials

PJ: prayer for judgment

PLEA: defendant’s answer to the charge

GL = Guilty to a lesser offense

GU = Guilty

NC = No Contest

NG = Not Guilty

NR = Not Responsible

RL = Responsible to a lesser offense

RS = Responsible

RL: responsible to a lesser offense

RS: responsible

SEC: secured

SFF: County Sheriff Department

SHP: State Highway Patrol

TB: True Bill of Indictment date

UNS: unsecured

VER: verdict for the offense

GL = Guilty to a lesser offense

GU = Guilty

JA = Judgment arrested

NG = Not Guilty

NR = Not responsible

PJ = Prayer for judgment

RS = Responsible

RL = Responsible to a lesser offense

WAIVED: waived right to a court appointed attorney

WPA: written promise to appear

WRC: Wildlife Resources Commission

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