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No Valid Drivers License Criminal Charge In Florida

If you don't have the requisite forms of identification to receive or renew your Florida drivers license, you will be charged with a criminal act in Florida. An officer can identfy whether you have a valid license by scanning your vehicle registration and license plate.

If you are stopped:

1) Do not admit that you don't have a license to the officer

2) You will either be given a citation with a court date to appear or you will be arrested

3) Once arrested, you may receive an ICE hold if you are detained long enough

4) Make sure a friend or family member immediately bonds you out of jail if you are arrested

5) Call a lawyer immediately who specializes in traffic AND immigration legal matters.

6) There are certain defenses and motions an attorney can make on your behalf to try to dismiss the charges and avoid a conviction.

7) A charge of no valid drivers license carries is a misdemeanor of the second degree and you can receieve jail time and fines in the hundreds of dollars in addition to court costs.

8) An attorney may be able to save you substantial fees and protect your family from ICE.

Good luck.

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