Written by attorney Kenneth Albert Vercammen

NJSA 39:4-145 Failure to Yield to a Line of Vehicles Entering Stop or Yield Intersection After Stopp

Fine ranging from $50-$200 or imprisonment not exceeding 15 days, or both. For information regarding points or surcharges contact the Motor Vehicle Commission. For information about car insurance eligibility and points contact your car insurance company or the New Jersey Department of Insurance.

One or more vehicles or street cars following directly in line with another vehicle or street car and coming to a complete stop, caused by the first vehicle or street car nearest the intersection complying with section 39:4-144 of this Title, may proceed into or across the intersecting street without again coming to a complete stop. No driver of a vehicle or street car approaching the intersection on the intersecting street shall fail to yield to the vehicle so proceeding into or across the intersecting street.

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