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Nightlife and Premise Liability

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

Most people who own and operate nightlife establishments understand that they have to provide for the safety of their patrons. This is not always the case, however, and sometimes patrons end up being injured.

There have been some high-profile cases involving premise liability and nightlife establishments. From pyrotechnics that end up causing fires and deaths to people being trampled to death at concerts, there are ample instances of nightlife establishment owners not coming through on their obligations to their clients. There are recourses in these situations and there are some particular situations that you should be wary of. Pay attention when you go out and make sure that any establishments you visit meet the following standards.

Adequate Security

Any drinking establishment should have a bouncer. Even small neighborhood bars do well to have one on hand. These professionals can resolve situations, in some cases, by simply looking like the last person on earth you want a problem with. Aside from their physically intimidating presence, however, professional bouncers know how to stop a bad situation before it starts, preferably without any violence at all. They can persuade someone that it's time to leave and that they're not welcome at the establishment. At larger venues, make sure that there is plenty of security around to deal with the rowdies.

Enough Space

Every establishment will have signage that will let you know how many people are allowed to be on the premises at any given time. If you're sure that the number of people at the establishment is way over what's allowed, leave. These situations are very dangerous. If a fire or other emergency breaks out, you may not be able to flee in time or you may end up getting trampled.


Don't go into establishments that have reputations for being violent or dangerous. Sometimes, people will want to go to the roughest bar around just to say that they did it. This is not safe, smart or worthwhile. You may end up being seriously injured or worse at such establishments.


If you were injured at a nightlife establishment that did not live up to its obligations to keep you reasonably safe, contact a premise liability lawyer. They may recommend that you file a lawsuit so that the injuries or property damage you suffered are not things that you have to pay for on your own, especially if those damages were the direct results of negligence.

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