Written by attorney Robert Walter Dapelo

New York State Contract of Sale for Residential Real Property- Partial

  1. Premises. Seller shall sell and convey and Purchaser shall purchase the property, together with all buildings and improvements thereon (collectively the "Premises"), more fully described on a separate page marked "Schedule A", annexed hereto and made a part hereof and also known as: Street Address: Tax Map Designation: Together with Seller's ownership and rights, if any, to land lying in the bed of any street or highway, opened or proposed, adjoining the Premises to the center line thereof, including any right of Seller to any unpaid award by reason of any taking by condemnation and/or for any damage to the Premises by reason of change of grade of any street or highway. Seller shall deliver at no additional cost to Purchaser, at Closing (as hereinafter defined), or thereafter, on demand, any documents that Purchaser may reasonably require for the conveyance of such title and the assignment and collection of such award or damages. 2. Personal Property. This sale also includes all fixtures and articles of personal property now attached or appurtenant to the Premises, unless specifically excluded below. Seller represents and warrants that at Closing they will be paid for and owned by Seller, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, except any existing mortgage to which this sale may be subject. They include, but are not limited to, plumbing, heating, lighting and cooking fixtures, chandeliers, bathroom and kitchen cabinets and counters, mantels, door mirrors, switch plates and door hardware, venetian blinds, window treatments, shades, screens, awnings, storm windows, storm doors, window boxes, mail box, TV aerials, weather vane, flagpole, pumps, shrubbery, fencing, outdoor statuary, tool shed, dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, garbage disposal unit, range, oven, built-in-microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning equipment and installations, wall to wall carpeting and built-ins not excluded below (strike out inapplicable items). Excluded from this sale are furniture and household furnishings and 3. Purchase Price. The purchase price is $ payable as follows: (a) On the signing of this contract, by Purchaser's good check payable to the Escrowee (as hereinafter defined), subject to collection, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, to be held in escrow pursuant to paragraph 6 of this contract (the "Downpayment"): $ (b) By allowance for the principal amount unpaid on the existing mortgage on the date hereof, payment of which Purchaser shall assume by joinder in the deed: $ (c) By a purchase money note and mortgage from Purchaser to Seller: $ (d) Balance at Closing in accordance with paragraph 7: $ 5. Purchase Money Mortgage. (Delete if inapplicable) If there is to be a purchase money mortgage as indicated in paragraph 3(c) above: (a) The purchase money note and mortgage shall be drawn by the attorney for Seller in the form attached or, if not, in the standard form adopted by the New York State Land Title Association. Purchaser shall pay at Closing the mortgage recording tax, recording fees and the attorney's fees in the amount of $ for its preparation. (b) The purchase money note and mortgage shall also provide that it is subject and subordinate to the lien of the existing mortgage and any extensions, modifications, replacements or consolidations of the existing mortgage, provided that (i) the interest rate thereof shall not be greater than percent per annum and the total debt service thereunder shall not be greater than $ per annum, and (ii) if the principal amount thereof shall exceed the amount of principal owing and unpaid on the existing mortgage at the time of placing such new mortgage or consolidated mortgage, the excess is to be paid to the holder of such purchase money mortgage in reduction of the principal thereof. The purchase money mortgage shall also provide that such payment to the holder thereof shall not alter or affect the regular installments, if any, of principal payable thereunder and that the holder thereof will, on demand and without charge therefore, execute, acknowledge and deliver any agreement or agreements further to effectuate such subordination. 6. Downpayment in Escrow. (a) Seller's attorney ("Escrowee") shall hold the Downpayment in escrow in a segregated bank account at: address until Closing or sooner termination of this contract shall pay over or apply the Downpayment in accordance with the terms of this paragraph. Escrowee shall hold the Downpayment in a(n) interest-bearing account for the benefit of the parties. If interest is held for the benefit of the parties, it shall be paid to the party entitled to the Downpayment and the party receiving the interest shall pay any income taxes thereon. If interest is not held for the benefit of the parties, the Downpayment shall be placed in an IOLA account or as otherwise permitted or required by law. The Social Security or Federal Identification numbers of the parties shall be furnished to Escrowee upon request. At Closing, the Downpayment shall be paid by Escrowee to Seller. If for any reason Closing does not occur and either party gives Notice (as defined in paragraph 25) to Escrowee demanding payment of the Downpayment, Escrowee shall give prompt Notice to the other party of such demand. If Escrowee does not receive Notice of objection from such other party to the proposed payment within 10 business days after the giving of such Notice, Escrowee is hereby authorized and directed to make such payment. If Escrowee does receive such Notice of objection within such 10 day period or if for any other reason Escrowee in good faith shall elect not to make such payment, Escrowee shall continue to hold such amount until otherwise directed by Notice from the parties to this contract or a final, non-appealable judgment, order or decree of a court. However, Escrowee shall have the right at any time to deposit the Downpayment and the interest thereon with the clerk of a court in the county in which the Premises are located and shall give Notice of such deposit to Seller and Purchaser. Upon such deposit or other disbursement in accordance with the terms of this paragraph, Escrowee shall be relieved and discharged of all further obligations and responsibilities hereunder. (b) The parties acknowledge that Escrowee is acting solely as a stakeholder at their request and for their convenience and that Escrowee shall not be liable to either party for any act or omission on its part unless taken or suffered in bad faith or in willful disregard of this contract or involving gross negligence on the part of Escrowee. Seller and Purchaser jointly and severally (with right of contribution) agree to defend (by attorneys selected by Escrowee), indemnify and hold Escrowee harmless from and against all costs, claims and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred in connection with the performance of Escrowee's duties hereunder, except with respect to actions or omissions taken or suffered by Escrowee in bad faith or in willful disregard of this contract or involving gross negligence on the part of Escrowee. (c) Escrowee may act or refrain from acting in respect of any matter referred to herein in full reliance upon and with the advice of counsel which may be selected by it (including any member of its firm) and shall be fully protected in so acting or refraining from action upon the advise of such counsel. (d) Escrowee acknowledges receipt of the Downpayment by check subject to collection and Escrowee's agreement to the provisions of this paragraph by signing in the place indicated on the signature page of this contract. (e) Escrowee or any member of its firm shall be permitted to act as counsel for Seller in any dispute as to the disbursement of the Downpayment or any other dispute between the parties whether or not Escrowee is in possession of the Downpayment and continues to act as Escrowee. (f) The party whose attorney is Escrowee shall be liable for loss of the Downpayment.

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