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New York Landmarks: The Statue of Liberty

What does freedom mean to New York
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The Statue of Liberty is one of America's most iconic and recognizable landmarks. Given as a gift to the United States by France, this massive statue stands overlooking the harbor of New York City, NY. Commonly known as "Lady Liberty," this large statue has become a beacon of freedom and a symbol to welcome immigrants and visitors to America coming from all over the world.

This national monument first opened to the public in 1886 and still offers visitors guided tours and a chance to see its majestic design up close and personal. There is a fascinating history behind the Statue of Liberty, from when it was first given to the United States, to the symbol it became over many decades. Standing proudly on Ellis Island, this massive statue weighs 225 tons and stands over 111-feet tall.

In 1986, the statue underwent a massive rehabilitation, so it could be preserved for future generations, and now her torch is covered with a layer of 24-karat gold. When you study the history of America, remember that Lady Liberty is an important part of what makes this country the wonderful place it is today.

Statue of Liberty Facts

This page is chock-full of fun and interesting facts about the famous statue as well as several pictures you can look at. There are also links to more information regarding the Statue of Liberty.

Adventures in Citizenship

Click here for an interactive lesson about the Statue of Liberty. Then when you're done, you can go on to play the fun game called the "millennium challenge." If you are interested in speaking with an immigration lawyer follow this link.

Lady Liberty Portrait

This website features a step-by-step guide to show you how you can draw your very own portrait of Lady Liberty.

Earth Cam

Click here to see live cameras and still shots of the Statue of Liberty. You can even overlook the NY Harbor in real time and see the boats, weather, and more.

The Immigrant's Statue

Learn more about how the Statue of Liberty played an important role in immigration by clicking on the link. You'll discover how this statue has become an endearing symbol welcoming immigrants to the US from other nations.

Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?

This website has plenty of fun facts, videos, and information all dedicated to the Statue of Liberty. Learn more about this famous monument and be sure to take the wonder word challenge found on the right-hand side.

Statue of Liberty Trivia Quiz

Take this challenging quiz to see just how much you really know about the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is designed to teach students more about the amazing size and stature of the Statue of Liberty as well as its very important history.

Printable Games

This site has several fun games all about the Statue of Liberty that you can download and print. They include connect the dots, coloring pages, a word search, and more.

Statue of Liberty Cutout

Print and cut out this small-scale model of the Statue of Liberty. You can color it before you cut it out so it will look real when you're done. It's a fun way to add something to your desk or a shelf at home to honor this famous statue.

The Light of Liberty

Click here for a brief synopsis about the Statue of Liberty as well as a list of some fast facts so you can learn more.

What Does She Represent?

On this page, you'll find an image of the Statue of Liberty with numbers. Use your mouse to highlight each number, and you'll get a closer view of the statue's many different symbols including her robe, torch, tablet, and more.

Statue of Liberty Cyberhunt

This interactive WebQuest has a series of questions that ask you to fill in each blank with the correct answer. Use the links to find out more and learn each answer so you can conquer the quiz.

Lady Liberty Lesson Plan

This comprehensive lesson plan contains an outline, important questions, activities, and more all about the Statue of Liberty.

Science and the Statue of Liberty

Click here for an interactive lesson about how science plays a role in Lady Liberty and what made her color turn to green.

Scavenger Hunt Quiz

See if you can fill in the blanks for each quiz question by doing a search online to find the answers with this fun, challenging quiz.

Get a Panoramic View

Even if you've never been to the Statue of Liberty, this interactive website will let you see a full panoramic view of NY as seen from the crown of the famous statue.

Worksheet (PDF)

This printable PDF contains facts and a brief quiz about the Statue of Liberty.

Voices from Lady Liberty

Find out what America means to different people with this interesting, interactive website where you'll hear from all kinds of people who were asked at the Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty Turns 125

This site lets you learn more about the famous statue with facts about its height and more. Click on the "her history" tab to see a historical timeline.

Statue of Liberty Math (PDF)

This lesson plan incorporates the use of math with facts about the Statue of Liberty.

Statue History

The Liberty and Ellis Island Foundation provides an insightful website filled with facts about the history of the statue, the island, and much more.

For Students

This page has a lot of interesting questions and answers as well as interesting facts all about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

The Statue from NASA

See what the Statue of Liberty looks like from high up above with this detailed image courtesy of NASA.

Statue of Liberty by Moonlight

View this beautiful photo of the statue taken by moonlight in 1900 and learn more about the statue here.

You and the US (PDF)

This printable PDF features information about National Parks including the Statue of Liberty along with color photos.

Statue of Liberty Problem

This interactive page encourages you to use mathematics to figure out how to get the best view of Lady Liberty.

Web Quest

Go on a journey through this fun web quest to learn many new facts about the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty Web Quest

Follow the instructions to go on a web quest and find out more about Lady Liberty, New York, immigration, and more.

Immigration Web Quest

Go on a journey to find out why different immigrants from all over the world decided to leave their home country and come to the US.

A Century Later

This website is full of informational audio, photos, and facts all about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Be sure to take the quiz at the bottom, too!

Statue of Liberty Word Cloud Quest

By clicking on this famous poem about the Statue of Liberty and following the instructions, you can create a "word cloud" to learn more about what the poem means.


This multiple-choice quiz asks all kinds of interesting questions about the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty and Citizenship

This online lesson plan discusses why liberty is so important and includes activities and graphics to help you learn more.

The Statue's Story (PDF)

Print out this PDF for facts, games, and images all related to the Statue of Liberty and America.

Footsteps to Liberty

This website has a lot of information about the Statue of Liberty as well as several different lesson plans for students.

Healthy Green Hue of Liberty

Find out more about why and how the famous statue went from brown to green.

Materials of the Statue

Read this brief page to learn more about the different materials used to create the Statue of Liberty.

A Chinese Immigrant Reacts

This website features an interesting letter written about a Chinese immigrant and her reaction to the statue in 1885.

A National Symbol

Click here for a lesson plan dedicated to teaching students why the Statue of Liberty is such an important national symbol of freedom.

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