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New Lawsuit Over Fosamax

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

As is the case whenever dangerous side effects are associated with a drug, lawsuits are pouring in over the drug Fosamax. Fosamax is a bisphosphonate drug used for the treatment of osteoporosis. It has been associated with atypical fractures of the femur, which can be exceptionally painful and which can greatly impact the sufferer's quality of life. A woman in Illinois has recently filed a lawsuit alleging that she suffered a broken femur bone from Fosamax.

How it Happens

Because the drug is prescribed to treat the symptoms of osteoporosis, it may seem rather odd that broken femurs are associated with Fosamax. Unfortunately, this is not the only dangerous condition of the bones that is associated with the use of this drug. The drug is also associated with osteonecrosis of the jaw, a painful, disfiguring and difficult condition that involves the bone tissue in the jaw dying.

Fosamax is only one drug that has recently become the focus of lawsuits. Pharmaceutical companies oftentimes find themselves facing these lawsuits when they put something out on the market without disclosing all the possible side effects or without doing enough research to accurately determine whether or not there are dangerous side effects associated with the drug.

These lawsuits fall under the category of product liability lawsuits. These types of lawsuits are oftentimes handled by personal injury attorneys who specialize in going after companies that put dangerous products out on the market.

Were You Injured?

If you were injured by Fosamax side effects, you are likely not alone. In fact, the sheer number of lawsuits being filed over this particular pharmaceutical product indicate that it may, at some time, become the subject of multidistrict litigation. A class-action lawsuit is filed when many people have a claim against a manufacturer or another entity that could be accurately represented by one or a couple of specific legal cases. Currently, there is not one under way for this drug, but that should not dissuade you from talking to an attorney.

Starting any pharmaceutical treatment does entail some risks. Ideally, those risks are reasonable and the patient is given every opportunity to assess those risks for themselves. If you were given Fosamax or any other drug and you believe that you suffered side effects that you were not adequately informed of and given an opportunity to weigh versus the benefits of the drug, you should contact an attorney about a consultation.

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