Written by attorney Vonnie Clay Dones III

New Jersey Expungement: How to Expunge Your Criminal and/or Juvenile Record in New Jersey - 10 steps

Learn how to expunge your criminal and/or juvenile record in New Jersey. The following steps to a basic expungement for up to 3 arrests and/or convictions are outlined in the expungement packet provided by the New Jersey Courts On-Line Self-Help Center and have been summarized below.

Additional resources provided by the author

You can find additional information on New Jersey expungements and cleaning up your criminal record by visiting the following websites: (1) Vonnie C. Dones III, ESQ. Expungement Resource and Learning Center. Learn about expungement and multiple conviction eligibility using a free eligibility and/or multiple conviction test, diversion and supervisory treatment programs and expungements, classification of offenses, early pathway options, public interest cases, post-expungement issues, and more. (2) Legal Cleanup For New Jerseyans: How To ExpungeYour Criminal or Juvenile Record in New Jersey, First Edition (Book). (3) New Jersey Courts On-Line Self-Help Center. If you want to represent yourself and you have no more than three arrests and/or convictions, you may use the New Jersey Judiciary expungement packet. However, if you have more than three arrests and/or convictions, or if your case is complex, you cannot use the downloadable forms at the New Jersey Help Center without some modification or redrafting. In this case, you must either modify the New Jersey Judiciary expungement packet or create your own set of expungement documents. However, consulting with a New Jersey expungement attorney is recommended. There are attorneys who will handle parts of your case or conduct a legal or document review to assist you in properly preparing your expungement petition and help you with eligibility issues and other legal issues as well.

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