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New Hampshire Personal Injury Lost Wages: and for the self-employed lost wages in car accidents

Posted by attorney Richard Clark


The Law Office of Richard E. Clark handles all types of serious personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay attorney’s fees until we recover money for you. Personal injury claims are costly and take time to litigate. We finance your injury claim by incurring expenses in advance for medical records, office staff, Court costs, legal and medical trial experts and investigators.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, motorcycle or bicycle accident, or have sustained an actionable serious injury claim, you need to schedule a free consultation by promptly calling Attorney Clark at (603) 431-0009. Let’s quickly preserve key evidence before it’s destroyed. Delay can cause the value of your injury claim to diminish. Your statements given to insurance companies can be spun to be used against you.

The calls we get from the self-employed client are always the same. The insurance company has called and talk to the injured party. The person that becomes our clients have told us, the insurance company tells them they’re self-employed and it’s difficult to prove lost wages and they will pay a fractional amount, usually 15%. Having been self-employed for over twenty-years, Attorney Clark takes this personally. He feels we pay for all types of insurance our entire lives, then in the rare case we need it, the insurance companies try to screw us.

Recent New Hampshire case law has stated New Hampshire law “does not require that damages be calculated with mathematical certainty, the method used to compute damages need not be more than approximation". Cabone v. Tierney, 151 N.H. 521 (2004).

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