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Negligent Supervision Injury Law in California

Posted by attorney R. Gibson

Children are hurt each year in a number of situations involving negligent supervision. Attorneys who pursue such cases find that it is usually simply a case of the failure of the persons charged with the safety of these children who simply don't pay sufficient attention to protect them from harm. Negligent supervision can lead to injury or death of a child. If the child dies, the case is what is termed a wrongful death case. Parties often responsible in negligent supervision cases include family members and relatives, babysitters, foster parents, camp counselors, nannies, schools and teachers, child care facilities and after school programs. It can matter more than you think who you call for your negligent supervision case. When the injury to your child matters most, you want to call an attorney who specializes in this area of the law in order to obtain the compensation that will help your child recover from their injuries. Children must be watched closely. As others have said before us, you can't turn away for a moment. When you trust others to watch your child as closely as you do, and an injury occurs your child is entitled to have you pursue a claim for compensation on their behalf. Negligent supervision can result in children being electrocuted, drinking or eating toxic fluids, choking on toys and other items, drowning in a swimming pool, finding and using a loaded weapon, expiring in a hot car with the windows rolled up, and a number of other types of situations. The level of care to properly supervise a child depends on the child himself or herself and their respective needs, the environment, the age of the child and the child's level of development and any special needs of the child. The time given to supervision of the child can also be important as in situations where the supervising adult has too many children to watch over and protect each from harm. Other family members who live in separate homes may have homeowners insurance that will pay damages for the negligence of that same family member who negligently allows a child to harm himself or herself while on that person's property. There are instances, however, involving family members where insurance companies will raise exemptions to providing coverage for a child's injury or death. Don't let your child's injury or death fail to be compensated by failing to retain an attorney who specializes in negligent supervision cases. It matters more than you think who you call to evaluate your case. When it matters most, as it does with your child, act swiftly and with due diligence.

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