Written by attorney Theodore W. Robinson

Nassau County, New York Is Now Charging $30. For Every Traffic Ticket

As amazing as it may sound, Nassau County Traffic Violations Bureau is now charging $30. for every traffic ticket they process - except if you're found Not Guilty after a trial. That's right. Even if its just a ticket for not having your license with you, while you are actually a licensed driver, and you go to court and show proof of being licensed, they charge you an Administrative fee of $30. just to dismiss the charge against you. For a short while, they were only charging you with the Administrative Fee if you had a failure to produce a registration or license, but now they have expanded the charge to every ticket that gets dismissed, even if its in satisfaction of your plea to something else. The only way around it is to plead not guilty, go to trial and win the trial. Then they can't charge the fee because the original violation is deemed dismissed with prejudice by the court without a plea bargain going on. On the other hand, in Nassau County you can still get a decent plea bargain, especially when viewed in perspective to Queens County which uses an Administrative Traffic Violations Bureau with Administrative Judges who are not prior judges and in which it is widely known by all that justice is not ordinarily part of the equation in their trials. Suffolk County has now gone to the same type of Traffic Court as Nassau uses and charges even more than the $30. charged in Nassau County. But at least you can plea bargain downward now in Suffolk County.

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