Written by attorney Dennis James Dressler

My public defender is a (dump) truck.

My PD is a (dump) truck. It seems like all he wants to do is plead me out. Why is that? Perhaps your Pd is trying to tell you something and you are not listening to him/her. Personally, I like to go to trial but not if it means my client can do a lot better with a plea bargain. In the movie Shawshank Redemption the character played by Morgan Freeman was fond of sawing he was the only guilty person in the prison. By this he was sawing every other inmate, to the last man still denied he was guilty. There was a case where one person wanted to go to trial. I advised heavily againt that course of action because the facts were very bad for the defendant. He said don't worry the victim will not come to court. I told him as the case was a victim not necessary for testimony as the court would allow the officer to repeat every thing she said as the case was domestic violence related and two the statements would come in under "excited utterance exception to the hearsay rule. My client who had enough convictions on his record said he knew better than I did and insisted we go to trial. We rejected a plea bargain for a little over a year and went to trial. Upon conviction my client was sentenced about eleven years in prison. Sometimes (pretty much always) your (dump) truck lawyer knows what he or she is doing.

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