Written by attorney Vincent Peter White

My co-worker is tickling and massaging me, is this sexual harassment?

Hello I'm Vince White I'm an employment attorney and today we're answering this question: I work in a hotel and have been having some issues which I don't think are right. I have a co-worker who jokes about my language and has harassed me with sexual signs and has touched me tickling me and trying to massage my back. When she first joked about it, I spoke with the general manager but my co-worker kept doing it with time. I realized that i cannot tell my GM about the harassment because they are really good friends and at the time the gm talks about how good my co-worker is. I don't trust the general manager when it comes to telling her about this harassment. I have a video where she' touching me and doing sexual signs. I feel really really uncomfortable.

When someone's mocking your accent or your language or your nation of origin or just your ability to speak, that is generally speaking going to be a form of discrimination. IIf someone is mocking your accent and it's and your accent's really a part of who you are: it's kind of a tale of your history of where you've been, where you've come from, how your language skills have developed and how you're learning a second language. There's a good chance that could be a form of discrimination.

With regards to the seual sign, depending on what she's doing in and of itself is certainly sexual harassment. If someone's making signs that you register as sexual in nature well that's sexual harassment.

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