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Multiple DUI offenders, refusal cases and minors

If you are a multiple offender of dui of ANY type or refused to take a chemical test or failed to complete a "chemical test" of your blood or breath (and rare occasions urine) or you are a minor or juvenile, the consequences of you conviction or losing a DMV hearing are extremely severe and long

Additional resources provided by the author headings DUI lawyers is the best place to start. DONOT pay attention to the paid "sponsored" ads but the ratings eg "superb". Find one near or in the jurisdiction of the arrest. If you want the best go to (CDL) and click in the county of the arrest and it will list all the lawyers in that county that are any good and list the "specialist" members first. Many give free consultation. Read their web sites. Read CDL web. Then go meat with them. What is to lose for a free consultation. If you found this guide you can get a lot more info on the net..Do So it is your life and future and that of your family!!

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