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Multi Vehicle Collision

Some of the most common accidents in Maryland involve more than two cars. These accidents are called multi-vehicle collisions and can result in significant injuries.

What Is a Multi-Vehicle Accident? Multi-vehicle accidents are a chain reaction of more than two vehicles colliding with each other. They normally occur when one collision happens in a line of vehicles.

One car will rear-end the car in front of it, which will push that second car into the third, and so on.

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Collisions There are many reasons why a multi-vehicle collision occurs.

Usually, cars are following each other too closely and unable to stop in time. This typically occurs during stop-and-go traffic on major highways and roads. Other times the bad weather can play a role in causing multi-vehicle collisions.

A frequent cause of multi-vehicle collisions is due to distracted driving. Here, a driver is usually looking at their cell phone or texting and driving and cannot stop in time.

Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Collision If you are involved in a multi-vehicle collision, then you need to do three things. First, you need to exchange information with all of the drivers involved in the accident, not just the at-fault party. Second, you need to get the contact information from any witnesses and take pictures of the damage to your vehicle. Finally, you will want to get a police report number so that your personal injury attorney can request the report when it is available.

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