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Motorcycle Safety Courses

Posted by attorney William Umansky

Motorcycle safety is an important concern not only for motorcyclists but other motorists on the road as well.

First, before you purchase, rent or borrow a friend’s motorcycle and speed off to various journeys on the long and winding road, there are optional motorcycle safety courses for new or inexperienced motorcyclists as well as motorcyclists who may have ridden years ago and are returning to motorcycle riding. These courses are typically offered through motorcycle dealerships and safety councils and the time commitment varies from a condensed program starting on a Friday evening and go thru Sunday to meeting a few hours at a time over several weeks. There are both classroom instructions, which consists of lectures on motorcycle safety by experienced and certified motorcycle instructors, viewing educational videos, studying course material in booklets and classroom discussion as well as written testing on motorcycle safety, maintenance and traffic regulations. Further these courses include hands on training where students will operate a small, low horse-powered motorcycle commonly referred to as a beginner or training motorcycle on training courses, which are off road usually in a designated parking lot.

Upon successful completion of all written tests as well as successfully passing the motorcycle driving examination, where the student has to demonstrate proficiency in operating a motorcycle, including shifting gears, turning, braking, starting and stopping and maneuvering on the demonstration course, the student will receive a motorcycle safety certificate.

This motorcycle instruction and training is vital in helping to prevent motorcycle accidents on the road. The Safety certificate can also be valuable in receiving savings on your insurance premiums when purchasing motorcycle insurance coverage. Additionally, Florida law now requires riders to complete a basic rider course. If caught riding without a motorcycle license you could be facing several penalties under this statute.

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