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Motorcycle Involving Police Car Leaves Two People Dead

Posted by attorney Christopher Hoffmann

A severe motorcycle accident in Texas killed two people in early July. The accident involved two other vehicles, one of which was a police car.

An officer with the Venus Police Department was driving along FM 157 in Johnson County with his siren lights on, according to the police report. The officer was responding to a call about a brush fire. In order to yield to the police car, the vehicle in front of the police car slowed down, however, there was a motorcycle directly behind the slowing vehicle. The motorcyclist, who was also carrying a passenger, was unable to adjust his speed quickly enough, and crashed into the vehicle.

The resulting crash was fatal, killing both the motorcyclist and passenger upon impact. The other parties were not injured.

The investigation is ongoing but it does not appear that drugs or alcohol played a part in the crash.

This is not the only recent motorcycle accident in Texas. In June a 20-year-old man died in a motorcycle accident in Mclennan County.

The man was riding his 2002 Suzuki motorcycle on FM 2113, heading east. He was behind a man driving a John Deere tractor, also heading east. The tractor slowed to make a left turn into a field, signaling with his blinker that he was about to turn. But to the motorcyclist the turn was unexpected and he was unable to slow down in time and he crashed into the tractor’s rear tire. Witnesses of the accident said that the man driving the motorcycle could have been speeding.

Though he was wearing a helmet, he was killed by the impact of the crash.

And in Massachusetts one recent accident resulted in charges against a man for operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol after he hit a biker.

In Brimfield, Mass., the 53-year-old was driving eastbound on Sturbridge Road in his car. He was about to turn into the County Line gas station, but instead hit a53-year-old biker.

The man driving the motorcycle sustained very serious injuries in the crash and was thrown from his bike. He was rushed to UMass Memorial Medical Center.

Kennedy was arrested and charged with operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He has a scheduled court date.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. More motorcyclists are out on the roads in summer months when the weather is nice, increasing the chances of accidents. Bikers should make an effort to stay as safe as possible and always wear a helmet, and require passengers to do so as well.

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident in Missouri, you should contact an experienced Missouri motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your case. If the accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, you should be able to recover compensation for your injuries as well as other losses you experienced as the result of the accident. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you to get justice, protect your rights, and obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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