Written by attorney Gerald Michael Oginski

Most Important Question To Ask Medical Expert at Trial; NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

When your medical expert is on the witness stand, there is one crucial question you must ask before he finishes testifying. Before telling you what that question is, you need to understand why a medical expert is called to testify.

In most medical malpractice, negligence or wrongful death cases in New York, it is necessary to bring in medical experts to court to explain to the jury what happened and why. Many times the medicine involved in a case can get confusing. The medical experts will (hopefully) simplify the medicine and explain.

When the subject matter is beyond the purview of what most people know, then a medical expert should be called in.

In fact, when a medical expert testifies at trial, there is actually more than one critical question for him to answer. In fact, those questions focus on liability; who is at fault, as well as causation; whether the wrongdoing was a substantial factor in causing my client's injuries, and also whether those injuries are significant and/or permanent.

Watch the video to learn exactly what those key questions are that must be answered. You'll also learn what a 'prima facie' case is too.

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