Written by attorney Timothy R. Miley

Most Dangerous Auto Manufacturing Errors and What to Do

Auto manufacturing errors that create malfunctioning vehicle parts causing serious or fatal injuries in a crash could result in the manufacturer being held liable for car accident liability. These malfunctions stem from mistakes or flaws that occur during the manufacturing process.

Car accident liability in this type of case isn’t dependent on negligence. Even without intending for a malfunction to happen, the manufacturer could be liable for damages suffered as a result of an accident. This is part of the strict liability applied to motor vehicles.

Most Dangerous Types of Auto Manufacturing Errors

Although there are thousands of parts that make up a car, only some are especially dangerous when there is a problem with them. An example would be defects with the pedals.

One of the most recognized (and recent) is the recall of 4.3 million Toyota vehicles stemming from sudden acceleration. At first, blame was placed on the floor mats. But as more and more accidents were logged, Toyota had to accept responsibility and issue a recall.

A similar problem with sudden acceleration occurred nearly three decades ago with the Audi 5000. In this case, it was the result of floor mats incorrectly positioned as a design element, which caused the gas pedal to be pressed down unintentionally. These issues were not the fault of the drivers, so accidents stemming from them had to be addressed and compensated by the car companies.

In addition to acceleration problems, there can be issues with the brakes. Malfunctions of this type can make stopping difficult, increasing the chance of being injured in an accident.

Auto manufacturing errors can include leakage from master cylinder or hose, improper installation and broken line. Any faulty components of the brakes -- such as rotors, pads, drums or shoes -- also could contribute to an accident.

Tires are yet another part of a vehicle that needs to be perfect in terms of safety standards. Issues that can arise from tire problems include loose bolts, tread separation, tire blowout and poor construction (degrading performance).

Problems with fuel tanks can be extremely hazardous, and the driver most likely will be unaware of the issue because it only comes up after a car accident. Improper engineering, leakage or placement could result in the tank bursting, presenting the risk of fire, especially if a vehicle is struck from behind. Sadly, it is often the family of the victim that must pursue a claim with a Clarksburg car accident attorney.

Steering defects are serious as well because they can impede a driver’s ability to control the vehicle. Examples of problems include coil springs detaching, steering shaft flaws, improper steering gear mounting, loose wheel bearings and components suddenly breaking.

What to Do When Auto Manufacturing Errors Cause an Accident

There may be legal remedies available when malfunctioning parts result in serious or fatal injuries. This will require first showing evidence that the defect caused the crash.

This sometimes can be easier to do if a vehicle has been recalled for that particular problem. However, experts may be able to identify the exact defect in the vehicle, showing a connection between it and the injuries.

It’s important to seek legal counsel with a Clarksburg car accident attorney when filing a claim stemming from a defective auto part. In some cases -- in addition to the manufacturer -- other parties involved in the process may be held liable as well.

In terms of who gets to file a claim, it doesn’t matter if the injured person owned the vehicle. If someone suffered harm as a pedestrian or a passenger, compensation may be available when the accident was caused by malfunctioning parts.

Talking with an attorney at The Miley Legal Group may be appropriate in order to learn if there is a case. Our law firm handles defective product claims and may be able to assist with auto manufacturing errors.

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