Written by attorney Erick Platten


MOM EATS 3-WEEK OLD SON, SAYS "SHE DIDN'T MEAN TO" Attorney Erick Masten Platten tells the story of Otty Sanchez, a 33 year old San Antonio woman accused of mutilating and partly eating her three and a half week old son. The video, a still mugshot of Sanchez with voiceover by Platten, goes on to describe how Sanchez believed that the devil made her use two knives and a sword to kill and decapitate her child, chew off three toes, and eat parts of the brain. Following the killing of her baby, Sanchez attempted to kill herself with a self inflicted gunshot wound and slashes to her throat. Sanchez told police that the devil made her kill her son, while crying, "I love him". While her sister tried to calm after the incident, Sanchez stabbed herself in the heart and stomach. Platten says, "This woman decapitated her three week old son. Good God! I mean, you can't not mean to do that". Platten then compares this case to other he's heard of by saying, "I mean, I've heard of people stabbing themselves, or jumping off a bridge, or walking up to someone and shooting them - yes, that's all terrible - it's something that is expected. Someone is possessed or thinks they're possessed, or something like that, those acts are at least somewhat reasonable. But this lady is off the charts to me." Two minutes into the video Platten says "I hope you're not easily offended" followed by "I hope the woman burns in hell - sorry to say, but thats just horrible. Platten then goes on to relate another he story he had read 4-5 years ago on the website eBaum's World. This second story involves another woman who killed her child by chopping it up. She then called the police. Platten then interjects about how horrible it would be to be a policeman and walk in such a scene of a woman standing there with her child in pieces. Platten says " I mean, I wouldn't have words. And the thing about it - the fact of - just 'cause the woman said that, she might have just been off her rocker or something. You don't know if it's true." The second story trails off and Platten returns to Sanchez. Sanchez's husband said his wife suffered from depression and schizophrenia. Platten then says that "You can't blame the guy [Sanchez's husband], because he wasn't the one who committed the murder, he wasn't the one who had all these problems, but I would have had someone watch after this lady, or something...because postpartum depression and being a "schizo" are not a good combination". "Words can't describe what is going through these peoples' minds, and, being in a jury room and having to see a woman in a courtroom, who did something like this. And, it's not one of those things where she's accused - you know she did it. So, you're not sitting there thinking 'could this woman have done this'? You know she did. I wouldn't be able to control myself, I'd want to slap that women around and say 'What are you on?'"

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