Written by attorney Jason A Plotkin

Minimal Impact Auto Mobile Accidents and "Kiss Off" Letters

The Pinder Legal Team has seen more auto insurers routinely deny accident injury claims in the past ten years. They often argue that "if a car isn't damaged, how could drivers or passengers, protected by seat belts and airbags, claim any harm?" In fact, GEICO will often send you what we call a "Kiss-Off" letter refusing to pay for any injuries where the property damage is less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). Allstate and State Farm are no better.

Each of those insurers have dozens of lawyers in their local Baltimore offices who do nothing but take these cases to trial. The Pinder Legal Team knows the insurers’ tactics, and also understands the seriousness of slow-speed accident injuries. In many of these cases we do not even bother with negotiating and we proceed to suit as soon as you are released from care.

The insurers like to play a game where even though they deny your case or make ridiculous offers, they still want to lead inexperienced lawyers or “dabblers" into giving them a recorded statement from the client; signing medical authorizations for their lifetime medical records; and information about other claims—all before suit is even filed. The game is to delay and build up their defense.

We don’t play that game. If the insurance company wants to raise a defense–we make them do it in Court. We file suit; get a trial date; and get ready for Court.

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