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Medical Treatment and Social Security Disabiity

Posted by attorney Robert Alston

Many social security disability clients are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting medical treatment for their disabling conditions. They can't work because they are disabled so they have no health insurance or funds to get medical treatment. Unfortunately, in any social security disability case, medical treatment is very important. It does not matter how disabled you are if you do not have medical records to back up your allegations. Generally, the more documented medical problems you have, the better your chances of winning. Medical records are necessary from the time you state you became disabled until a decision is made on your case. Even if a judge wants to give you benefits, he or she must be able to point to regular medical care (every 3 months or so) which documents the condition(s) that keep you from working.

So what is a disabled person to do? While it may not be easy, there are ways to get medical treatment even if you have little or no money. 1. There are free or reduced cost clinics which provide care. 2. Hospital emergency rooms will see you regardless of your ability to pay. 3. Depending upon your condition, there are organizations which will help get care.

While you may not want to run up medical bills which you can’t pay, without medical records showing your disabling condition, you can not win. It is important to realize that even if you can not afford the recommended treatment, you need to continue to see a doctor. For example, if you need back surgery but can not afford it, you still need to go to a doctor to document the ongoing pain, muscle spasms, the limited range of motion etc.

Remember, that a lack of medical treatment records can't be fixed later. In other words, if you file for disability and then wait until just before your hearing, sometimes years later, to have a one time visit to a doctor, that visit will do little in helping you prove your disability.

Although, the system may not be fair, the bottom line is without medical records, it is very hard to win. So get treatment early and often. Your attorney should be able to give you a list of free or reduced clinics in your area.

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