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Medical Mistake In Frederick Maryland Can I Sue?

Medical mistake in Frederick Maryland, can I sue? This question came to us through one of our online marketing reviews. Essentially, the person asking the question wanted to know how one knows if a “medical mistake” is ultimately medical malpractice? The above issue is something that has to be clearly understood before moving forward with a Maryland medical malpractice case. Maryland law has specific rules in place when we are talking about medical malpractice.


In most cases, your lawyer will not be able to immediately tell you whether you have a medical malpractice case. The lawyer might be able to give you some basic information, but this is probably going to be as far as things go. This is because, a review of the medical records is usually the best way to start in these cases.

Sometimes a person may think, for example, that the issue is with the way a biopsy was handled in a breast cancer case, when in reality, the medical records reveal that the patient was displaying and reporting warning signs to the doctor years ago, and nothing was done. This is but one crucial example of why the medical records are so important to review.


Once your Maryland medical malpractice lawyer has access to your medical records for review, the attorney will review them initially and have them reviewed by a medical expert for a more in-depth review. A medical expert is not only used to get a good second opinion on things, but because Maryland law demands the use of medical experts.

To prove a medical malpractice case, Maryland law requires that a medical expert give an opinion as to the standard of care in your case and whether your doctor did not follow the standard of care, causing your injury. If the expert does not see a departure from the standard of care then your case will more than likely not be successful. In other words, a bad result from a medical procedure does not always mean that medical malpractice occurred.


Medical mistake in Frederick Maryland, can you sue? Hopefully now you understand that the answer to the question immediately is probably going to be, it depends.

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