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Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, voters have agreed that the use of medical marijuana should be allowed when used to treat a specific medical condition. For example, physicians will be allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to treat AIDS, Chrohn’s Disease, and glaucoma. Every person who is given a medical marijuana card in the state of Massachusetts is now allowed to carry 60-days’ worth of the prescription that was issued from a treatment center or dispensary. They are not allowed to purchase their marijuana prescription from a dealer or from another seller. Each county will have one dispensary set up, and as many as five in larger counties. However, the state is insistent that there should not be more than five dispensaries in a single county.

Currently, the state government is still working through the medical marijuana guidelines so that they will be able to best litigate offenders and protect the state from rampant abuse of the drug. Community officials want to determine exactly how much a 60-day supply of medical marijuana should be and want to make sure that all treatment centers are zoned correctly. The Department of Public Health has 120 days from January 1st to redefine the laws about medical marijuana and answer the questions that many locals are asking. They want to make sure that the marijuana is only used medicinally, as it is not legal for people to use marijuana without a medical card and a prescription.

Anyone who uses marijuana recreationally can still be prosecuted in the state. Those that fake a medical condition in order to obtain the drug can be punished by six months in jail or a fine of up to $500. The state government says that there is no room for mercy when it comes to men and women who may abuse their medical marijuana permissions or create fake cards in order to obtain the drug. The Department of Public Health is already working hard to take precautions. In some towns, the local government is heavily in opposition of the dispensaries and does not want any medical marijuana pharmacies within city limits. It is not certain whether the towns that have taken this stance will be struck down by the District Attorney’s Office.

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