Written by attorney Sean Cleary

Mechanics Of The Injuries In Side Impact Collisions

In auto accidents, side impact collisions happen when a vehicle collides with another vehicle's side. Unfortunately, side impact collisions are common and cause serious injuries that need considerable medical treatment. Most often, this type of accident happens when vehicles enter an intersection at the same time. Usually, one of the drivers runs a traffic light, stop sign, or fails to yield.

In such accidents, as the impact is coming from either the left side or the right side of the body, the mechanics of the injury are different compared with other accidents. To establish how injuries occurred it is best to work with a biomechanical engineer. This expert can go back and recreate the accident to find out what happened with the injured person's spinal cord. It is known in side impact collision sometimes the force of the vehicle hitting one car causes the head and the neck to move in a violent way to one side or the other. The violent movement can further cause a spinal cord injury.

Side impact collisions can turn into more serious accidents if one vehicle or both spin, roll over or hit other cars, guardrails, curbs, or pedestrians. The injuries sustained due to side impact collisions can be catastrophic and the damages can result in high medical bills and important lost wages.

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