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Maryland DUI Guilty Plea

Maryland DUI plea agreements are an important part of a criminal cases in Maryland. Plea negotiations between attorneys and the court can occur before and during trial. However, most cases are resolved by a plea agreement before trial.

Parties to a Maryland DUI plea agreement determine if binding on the court

Two-party ABA approved plea

An agreement between the prosecution and defense, presenting a recommendation to the judge. Here, the judge is able to ignore the recommendation and sentence the defendant up to the maximum penalty.

Three-party ABA approved plea

An agreement in which the prosecution and defense present an agreement to the court, which, if the court is not willing to “bind” itself, permits the Defendant to go to another court.

Different types of Maryland DUI plea agreements

Guilty plea

Defendant admits guilt, the highest form of incrimination.

Alford plea

Defendant pleads guilty without admitting guilt.

Not guilty agreed statement of facts

Defendant pleads not guilty, but proceeds on an agreed statement of facts as if guilty.

Nolo Contendere

Defendant does not contest the charges and the court treats the Defendant as if guilty.

Terms of Maryland DUI plea agreement


The Defendant pleads guilty to one or more charges and the remaining charges are dismissed and/or placed on the stet docket by the prosecution.

Cooperation by Defendant

The Defendant provides information and testifies on behalf of the prosecution in another case.


Agreements usually include the period of incarceration, length of probation or parole, supervision while on probation or parole restitution, and community service.

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