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Marijuana laws by state

What types of laws have states passed related to marijuana?

Types of laws

Recreational: these states regulate the sale and use of small quantities of recreational marijuana. Individuals still face felony charges for growing or selling any amount.

Decriminalization: these states do not consider the possession of small amounts of marijuana (usually less than an ounce) to be a criminal offense, but may impose fines ranging from $100 to $1000.

Medical: these states allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to treat symptoms like chronic pain, nausea, or muscle spasms. Some states have passed laws that only permit the use of medical CBD (cannabis extracts low in THC, the psychoactive ingredient), to treat severe epilepsy.

The specific fines and penalties for possession are unique to each state. Remember that recreational marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law.

If you're facing charges related to marijuana, talk to a local criminal defense attorney.

Marijuana laws by state
  Recreational Medical
Alabama no yes (CBD-specific)
Alaska yes yes
Montana no yes
Nebraska no no
Hawaii no yes
Nevada yes yes
New Hampshire no yes
New Jersey no yes
Arkansas no yes
New Mexico no yes
New York no yes
North Carolina no yes (CBD-specific)
Maine Approved pending recount yes
North Dakota no yes
Ohio no no
Oklahoma no yes (CBD-specific)
Idaho no no
Oregon yes yes
Pennsylvania no yes
Rhode Island no yes
South Carolina no yes (CBD-specific)
California yes yes
South Dakota no no
Maryland no yes
Tennessee no yes (CBD-specific)
Texas no no
Utah no yes (CBD-specific)
Vermont no yes
Illinois no yes
Virginia no yes (CBD-specific)
Washington yes yes
Washington DC yes yes
West Virginia no no
Wisconsin no yes (CBD-specific)
Arizona no yes
Colorado yes yes
Wyoming no yes (CBD-specific)
Connecticut no yes
Delaware no yes
Florida no yes
Indiana no no
Georgia no yes (CBD-specific)
Iowa no yes (CBD-specific)
Kansas no no
Kentucky no yes (CBD-specific)
Massachusetts yes yes
Louisiana no no
Michigan no yes
Minnesota no yes
Mississippi no yes (CBD-specific)
Missouri no yes (CBD-specific)

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