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Marijuana Cultivation is Outlawed in Alabama

Cannabis is a flowering herb which has been used for its strong fibers since the early settlers left England for the new world. The American people, however, didn’t start smoking marijuana until the early twentieth century when Mexican immigrants introduced us to the idea.

Hemp, an agricultural commodity, was widely used to make food, clothing, rope, birdseed, medicine, plastics and oil. A few short decades after the American people began to smoke marijuana, it became illegal.

Today, if you cultivate a marijuana plant in your backyard, or basement, even for personal use, then you can be charged with “trafficking in cannabis," which is a felony offense in the state of Alabama. Alabama is behind states like California and New York – which are one step away from decriminalizing marijuana possession. If you grow your own plant, on your own property, you can wind up in prison for a minimum of three years and be fined up to $25,000.

Alabama is one state that imposes mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana related offenses. This means that if you are convicted for an offense which carries a mandatory minimum then the judge has no choice but to sentence you to the mandatory minimum, if not greater. Furthermore, if you are convicted of a federal offense which carries a mandatory minimum, you will not be eligible for parole.

Even the most peaceful pot smokers can have their life ruined by a marijuana possession or cultivation charge. Fortunately, marijuana supporters are fighting hard to get legislation passed to legalize medical marijuana across the nation. Until Alabama lawmakers catch on to the sweeping trend the residents will have to wait before they can grow their own marijuana legally.

Facing marijuana possession or cultivation charges can cost you your reputation, your future and your livelihood if you are convicted in Alabama. A cultivation conviction will put a felony on your criminal record even if you only grew it for personal use. Most of us would assume that felonies would be reserved for violent crimes, but in Alabama, that is not the case.

Drug charges are taken extremely seriously in this state and if you are facing cultivation charges, you should contact a skilled drug crime defense attorney immediately. Since drug penalties are very harsh in Alabama, a Alabama drug crime defense lawyer can help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible when you are facing drug charges.

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