Written by attorney Irwin M. Pollack | Sep 9, 2011

Man Who Received Stolen Property is Criminally Charged

Last month, a local man in Richmond, VA was criminally charged for receiving stolen property. The charge came after a resident of the 1000 block of Richmond Green Drive claimed that a woman’s 14K gold and blue diamond engagement ring had gone missing. The missing ring was accompanied by another 14K gold diamond ring in ruby that had also mysteriously disappeared.

Only days after the stolen report was made, a 42-year-old in Richmond was charged. The rings, which were valued at $3,000, were reported missing on a Saturday and an investigation immediately began. By Monday a local police sergeant had recovered one of the missing items, $2,500 of the total cost of the missing jewelry, and returned it to its rightful owner. An investigation and interview later revealed that the 42-year-old man had been in possession of the rings before transferring them to a third party. As a result, he was charged with receiving stolen property totaling less than $10,000. The charge also included theft by deception under $500. Since the citation, he has been released and awaits a court day in which he will be expected to appear.

Similar to this Richmond resident’s charges, in other states such as Massachusetts it is also considered criminal to be on the receiving end of any stolen property or goods. It is a common misconception among many that theft crimes are only associated with the physical action of taking the belongings of someone else. Burglary is often connected with the idea of theft; however it is most certainly not the only theft crime out there.

Receiving stolen goods falls into the category of possession, as the possession of stolen goods includes any crime in which someone buys, gives or acquires items which were not obtained legally. In the United States, a federal criminal charge is given to the receipt of stolen property which was knowingly received, stored, concealed or disposed. Items that have been constituted as moving interstate commerce are also considered to be received stolen goods. While a person must be aware that the goods have been stolen in order to be guilty, they do not need to know that the property was moving as interstate commerce to incur this charge.

The penalties that a theft crime such as receiving stolen property will carry can be quite severe. The value of the stolen goods received will determine the severity of your punishment. In some cases, consequences of jail time are applicable, with sentence time reaching as much as two and a half years. Monetary fines will almost always be a part of the penalties paid as well. Consequences will naturally continue to grow if subsequent convictions persist.

When you are facing the penalties of receiving stolen goods, you don’t have time to take any chances in how to address your criminal charge. When you want aggressive defense that will work to obtain the best possible outcome for your case, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer who can help protect your rights. The creativity and hard-hitting defense tactics of an criminal attorney committed to working on your behalf could increase your chances of getting out of this mess relatively unscathed.

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