Written by attorney Jonathan Andrew Paul

Macomb County Domestic Violence Attorney-Sterling Heights, Warren, Shelby,St Clair Shores, Roseville

Each DV case in Michigan is different; yes that's obvious, but let's go over some of things factors.

#1 - Who is the alleged victim in the case, and are you prepared to have them come to court and testify against you?

#2 - If they don't want to come testify, are you prepared to have the judge issue a material witness warrant and have them arrested and brought to court?

#3 - Do you want your case being a public proceeding with the community, media and the general public having access to the details of the case?

#4 - Will going to trial and being found guilty prevent you from receiving an otherwise satisfactory outcome, which might be worked out prior to trial? Example - a dismissal, favorable sentencing deal the judge or reduction in charges

#5 - Are you prepared for the financial and mental strain of putting your family on trial? Lasting impressions and memories are made for the worse in a criminal trial, and going to trial will cost you a lot of money in attorney fees. Is it worth it?

#6 - If the prosecutor won't budge on a deal, and you didn't do anything wrong then yes, you should go to trial because you're innocent. Your reputation, career and future are on the line.

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