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Lost Wages - Legal Lines with Locke Meredith

Posted by attorney Curtis Meredith

Hello I'm Locke Meredith and I have a Legal Lines tip for you. Remember knowledge is power and I want you to know if you're injured and you have lost wages because of that injury, Louisiana law gives you a claim for that loss. Typically it's going to require medical evidence from a medical Dr. stating because of your injury you can't work. Pretty simple claim if you had a job before the injury and the Dr. says you can't work from the date of the accident, and three months later he says you can work you can figure out what you have lost in wages. Circumstances occur however when the injury results in permanent, physical, and functional limitations. Now you can't do the job, according to the Dr., that you could do before the accident. So the question becomes is there any work you can do, and what is the difference in wages. But the court doesn't just look at what you've earned in the past it also looks at your earning capacity. That is your ability to earn wages in the future; Promotions, additional education. So my Legal Lines Tip from me, Locke Meredith to you is make sure you know your rights when you are presenting that lost wage claim.

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