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Long Island Speed Traps (There's MUCH MORE - read the whole article at!)

ASHAROKEN: Here in beautiful Suffolk County, the letter "A" is for ASHAROKEN a little residential community just North of Huntington, Centerport, and Northport. Don't get me wrong - all these towns are great places to visit. Huntington is a hot spot for L.I. night life and downtown Northport is very charming and friendly. If, however, you decide to take the scenic drive up through Asharoken to Eatons Neck, beware - YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. The only way in or out (by land, anyway) is through the speed trap of Asharoken-arguably, the most corrupt jurisdiction in Suffolk. The 30 mph speed limit is clearly posted as you enter Asharoken. With great pity, the local people will warn you to drive slowly, but nothing can prepare you for the severity of the enforcement you will find there. The "plus 10 mph" rule does not apply in this town! The Asharoken police will stop and ticket anyone going even one mph over the limit! Standard Operating procedure is to ticket you, even if you were doing only 31 mph, then write that you were doing 41. The joke on attorneys is that when uninitiated members of the bar come to conference their cases, the prosecutor will grudgingly offer to reduce the ticket back to the original [email protected]#$l$*# charge of 31 mph! Thanks for nothing...

BAY SHORE - SAGTIKOS/SUNKEN MEADOW PARKWAY - SOUTHERN STATE - SUNRISE HIGHWAY - ROBERT MOSES INTERCHANGE: This favorite "choke point" for police stops is the interchange where the Sagtikos parkway meets the southern state, Sunrise Highway and the Robert Moses Causeway. Within this interchange is a briar-patch of roads and turnarounds used by local police and state troopers to sneak up behind you. Also - 5th Avenue is now the cops favorite place to do the inspection / registration checks. Don't put off that inspection! Lesson: Go slow when changing roadways in this area.

FAR ROCKAWAY / JFK EXPRESSWAY, KENEDY AIRPORT QUEENS-NASSAU BORDER: First, remember that JFK has its own cops who patrol there all the time, so observe all traffic laws!

GREAT NECK ESTATES: This court has made an important change as of late. Abandoning their 'absolutely no deals' policy, it is now possible to work out a meager disposition if, and only if, you have a perfectly clean driving record in the prior 18 months at least. If not, you will likely have to go to trial. Not much of a change, but any change is welcome in this place - still one of Nassaus' least reasonable traffic courts.

HAUPPAUGE - NORTHERN STATE PARKWAY 'At the end of the Northern State Parkway, after the exit for New Highway but before the big bend going into Veteran's Highway, there is a turnaround on the middle median. The State Police hide in there and get you on that long straightaway stretch. This spot also works the same when you are just entering the Northern State Parkway, westbound, from Veteran's Highway.HUNTINGTON BAY VILLAGE

ISLANDIA - LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY & SERVICE ROAD EXITS 57-58: When you are on the expressway around exit 57-58 you (quite inadvertently) ride through the village of Islandia (where my law office is located). During rush hour the L.I.E. fills up fast and moves real slow. Some motorists try to beat the rush by flying down the service road. This is not a good idea, especially in the Islandia area. Just as you come over the hill, an officer will be there to ticket you for speeding. Be careful.

LAKE SUCCESS: This court is located on the grounds of the gorgeous Lake Success Country Club. This court is usually OK if you have a clean driving record, but they can also be quite harsh if you do not. That's how they afford the country club.

CITY OF LONG BEACH / LIDO BEACH: Cops are strictly enforcing the speed here (posted at 40mph - you can get away with 45, maybe 50) thanks to some parents who have been complaining about the speeds on the road.

LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY @ QUEENS-NASSAU and NASSAU-SUFFOLK BORDERS: Just as you enter and just as you are about to leave Nassau County, watch out. The Nassau PD will try to get you coming and going. Just after you leave Queens and enter Nassau county there is blue-and-white "HOSPITAL" sign on the right shoulder. Slow down, there is a Nassau cop right behind it waiting to welcome you with a lovely yellow ticket. Similarly as you continue to travel Eastbound towards Suffolk, there is a cop just after exit 46 (PLAINVIEW) but before the Suffolk County line near exit 48. (currently, there is no exit 47) The Nassau cop will be waiting on the shoulder to get you just before you leave Nassau county. Don't get caught twice!

LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY - SUFFOLK: The newly minted center divider of the L.I.E. has plenty of special places where the cops can hide and track you without being seen until its too late. Constant vigilance is required to spot the police cruisers' light rack that just peeks out above the cement barriers. The SCPD is trying to eliminate that disadvantage by using new "limited-visibility" police cars. They are harder to spot because they have fewer markings and no lights on the roof at all! Especially prevalent in the Hauppauge area (exits 50-55) near the rest stop that the local cops call the "pickle park." I'll let you use your imagination about what that one is about ...

MEADOWBROOK PARKWAY / SOUTHERN PARKWAY - NASSAU: On the Meadowbrook parkway, Just south of the Southern State, there is a large clearance between the road going in both directions hidden by some trees. Watch for multiple state troopers here.

NORTH HILLS: While the prosecutors and staff try to do the right thing, the Judge in North Hills can quickly make this court an inhospitable place.

OLD WESTBURY: Northern State Parkway & Post Ave Exit Right before Brush hollow rd exit. State Tropper always hiding, infact they have a permanent paved spot for police vehicles.

PORT WASHINGTON: This busy North Shore Town is crowded with LIRR commuters. Shore Road, which snakes through town along the coast, is the big speed trap. The unreasonably low speed limit changes frequently, so lots of tickets are issued here. * Practice tip for attorneys: PWPD are one of the few Nassau Police departments that will always reply with a timely, complete, supporting deposition. They are very efficient. DK

SADDLE ROCK: This Court is pretty strict.

SOUTHAMPTON TOWN / SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE:When you are heading out to the Hamptons on Route 27, there is a point where "civilization" ends and the lush rolling green hills become hypnotic. Dont be lulled into it. The troopers love to lurk far back off the road where you can't see them until its too late. The troopers and the Southampton Police Department are experts in hiding behind the turns, dips and rises in the road. Lesson: Don't speed around anything called "Hampton" - If you have to race like a madman out to your place in the Hamptons, maybe it's not worth it after all? Good court though. Call my office - we can almost always help you here. In addition to the TOWN COURT, (recently relocated from the basement of Southampton Town Hall to JACKSON AVE in HAMPTON BAYS) there is a VILLAGE COURT on WINDMILL LANE in Southampton Village, so READ YOUR SUMMONS ADDRESS CAREFULLY!

STONY BROOK: First, remember that SUNY has its own full-time cops, so observe all traffic laws while driving on campus! RACING IS A BIG PROBLEM HERE. Nichols Road - Route 97 - has long been known as something of a drag strip for Stony Brook students. Even though there are lights on the road, the long stretches of road make you wanna open the throttle and fly up the 7 mile strip to the SUNY campus. If you drive a hot car, you are in for a REAL surprise! The cops conduct regular STINGS in this area! That dude in the hot rod who just rolled up next to you and guns his engine like he wants to race is a cop. He may even roll down the windows and talk you into it, but as soon as you start your race, you will be SWARMED by marked police units. You will be arrested and detained. Don't do it!

WESTBURY VILLAGE (not to be confused with Old Westbury) Getting better, though the group conferences are still weird.

DRIVE SAFELY!!!! (PS - There's LOTS MORE! Read the whole article at the ORIGINAL Long Island, NY traffic law web site since 1995. )

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