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Lesson Plans and Activities for Learning the Value of Money

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Lesson Plans and Activities for Learning the Value of Money

Kids need to learn a lot about counting money and using it wisely so you'll know how to afford what you need to buy when you get older. You'll have to learn how much cash and coins and how to count them, and you'll also have to learn about earning, saving, and spending money. Although you don't have a lot of money now, someday, you'll have a job and have to pay for your own things, so it's important that you learn about these things now. You can learn a lot about money by playing games that focus on things like shopping, counting, and budgeting with your friends and family, and you'll also be able to learn a lot about using money in school.

Learn to Count Money

Every child can learn to count money, and this game allows children to practice counting money by clicking on and moving cash and coins to a box.

The Bean Game

This printable game makes learning about money fun; Use beans to learn about the choices that come with managing money.

Kindergarten Money Crossword

Solving this easy crossword puzzle is a fun way to learn about money.

Lemonade Stand

With this activity, you can learn about how to run a lemonade stand.

Moneypalooza! Board Game

This printable board game teaches kids how to earn, save, and spend money smartly.

An Introduction to Saving and Spending

Teachers can use this lesson plan to help you learn about saving money.

Making Money Sense for Kids

Parents and teachers already know what money is and how to earn, save, and count it, but that doesn't mean they know how to teach children about it. This simple guide gives great tips for teaching children of all ages about money.

Escape From Barter Island

Not all things are bought with cash, and on Barter Island, you can learn the value of bartering for things you need and want.

Hands-on Banking Instructor Guide: Kids' Version

Banking is for everyone, even children. This guide for children explains banking in terms that you can understand. Help them to learn the value of money before they need a bankrupcty lawyer

Children's Allowances and Other Money Matters

This document can help parents learn about teaching children good money habits using things like allowances and money lessons.

World of Cents

Play this kid-friendly game designed to teach the value of money along with fun math problems.

For Me, For You, For Later

Watch Elmo to learn about spending, sharing, and saving money.

When Will You Be a Millionaire?

The sooner anyone starts to save and invest money, the more money they will ultimately make over time. Try this tool to see how quickly you can become a millionaire.

The Basics of U.S. Currency

The U.S Currency Education Program shares this video about currency, including how and where it is made and used.

Save Perry's Pennies

This game lets you have some fun by winning if you can count every single penny.

Blind Penny Hunt

A fun indoor activity for children is the Blind Penny Hunt. In this game, you are blindfolded, given a bag, and told to collect as many pennies as you can. Count the pennies at the end: The child with the most wins.

United States Coin Pictures

Take a look at these pictures and learn what each United States coin looks like, both front and back.

Do You Have Enough Money?

Play this game and figure out if you have enough money to buy each of the items for sale.

Counting Money

Test your money-counting skills here by clicking on coins and bills until they add up to the right amount.

Money Master

It is important to learn how to handle money, including counting how much cash you should get back when you buy something. Money Master tests your money-handling skills in new and fun ways.

Money Tree

Money doesn't grow on trees except for in this game, where you grab money off of trees and practice counting it.

Math Madness

Being able to add is an important part of keeping track of your money. Try out some addition problems with this fun game.

Billing Counter: Counting Money Game

Here, you can play a game where you shop for items in a store and add up how much they cost.

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