Written by attorney Steven A. Jackson

Leave a Message for Loved Ones to be Sent after You Die

We’ve all seen the movie scenes where a person leaves a video message to be played in the lawyer’s office after a person has died. In the movies there is usually an uncomfortable group of potential beneficiaries and a dramatic moment when all the assets in the estate go to some unexpected person. Most estate administration is not nearly as dramatic as it may be portrayed in the movies.

There is a new way to leave your loved ones messages though through email messages which you prepare now to be sent after your death. You can prepare one general message to be sent to many people or you can prepare individual messages to be personally sent to specific people.

One option allows a person to craft an email message which is sent to everyone in a person’s contact list. There is also an option to designate a list of contacts who would receive the message. A person can also set up photos or video to be sent to others after a person has died.

The company stores the email message, or photos/video until an activation code is entered. Once the activation code is entered, the message is emailed to the designated email addresses. The activation code can be left with a trusted loved one, or with an attorney who also has a copy of the will.

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