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Learning Resources for CP

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

If your child has been diagnosed with CP, you're naturally going to be looking everywhere you can for information about the condition. This disorder is well-understood and has been for a long time, though there are always advances. Because you, as a parent, are in in a situation where you'll likely do anything to make life as good as possible for your child, there will be people out there who will take your money for quack cures and there are very bad sources of information. Here are good places to look for information about CP; resources you can trust.

United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is a very large organization that educations and advocates about and on behalf of people with CP. They help legislators by representing people with CP in cases where new legislation would affect them; they provide a lot of resources that parents can use to learn more about the condition.

Medical Centers and Sites

This is where you have to be careful. The best sites to check for information about treatments for CP are those that are run by legitimate medical organizations. Some of the largest hospitals in the US have extensive amounts of medical information on their sites and work hard to keep it updated constantly. If you're not sure about something that you read on the Internet about CP or treatments for CP symptoms, check it against one of these sites.

Community Hospitals

Hospitals and large medical centers sometimes have additional resources available to parents who are helping children with cerebral palsy. Obviously, parents with children who have CP face a bigger challenge than most other parents, so they need additional resources. Check at the hospital or clinic where your child gets treatment to see if they have resources available for you. Their literature will certainly be trustworthy.


The media likes to run three types of stories about disabilities quite a lot:

  • Human interest stories that are inspirational
  • Stories about lawsuits that are interesting because of the amounts involved
  • Stories about new breakthroughs in treatments

The media can actually be quite good for finding such information. Look online for stories that have to do with CP. You'll find that there are good people all over the world working hard to make the lives of CP sufferers easier.

Look for cerebral palsy help wherever you can, but remember to consider the source. A cerebral palsy lawyer can give you information on filing a lawsuit, if it is an option for your family.

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