Written by attorney Paul J Adras

Las Vegas Casino Marker Cases

What Is a Casino Marker? A casino marker is a casino line of credit that gamblers/casino patrons can use to obtain gaming chips to gamble with. Casino markers are issued to gamblers who have the ability to pay the money back if they lose. Casino markers are not just issued to "high rollers." Casino markers can and often are issued to just about anyone who gambles who applies for one. Arrests Are on The Rise For Defaults on Casino Markers. People are being arrested and prosecuted for defaulting on their casino markers in an increasing number. Casinos try to recover their losses by referring casino marker defaults to the District Attorney's Office. The D.A.'s Bad Check Unit then files a criminal complaint against the gambler to collect the debts for the casino. Casino marker defaults are on the rise during these tough economic times. When a gambler obtains a marker he or she agrees to pay if they lose, and the casino expects to be paid. Gamblers have time to make pay back their debt. Ultimately, gamblers who pay back their debt remain in good standing with the casino. However, gamblers who borrow $250.00 or more and don't pay back the casino marker must be concerned. Don't think that not paying a casino marker back is not a serious matter. The matter won't go to a collection agency to resolve the matter. A casino marker default is a criminal offense in the State of Nevada. Casino Marker Default is a Class D Felony in Nevada. If a gambler fails to pay back a casino marker valued at $250.00 or more, the gambler has committed a class D felony in the State of Nevada. If you are in default, or believe you will default, you should contact a licensed attorney immediately. You may be arrested, or face prison time or the imposition of penalties and fines. Keep in mind that the facts and circumstances of every case is different. No matter what the circumstances are, if you have defaulted, or know that you will default on a casino marker, consult with a licensed attorney with special knowledge of casino markers right away. By taking immediate action, you can avoid potential arrest. Hire a Las Vegas Casino Marker Attorney. Las Vegas casino marker Attorney Paul Adras has the expertise necessary to defend gamblers accused of defaulting on casino markers. By addressing the default in a timely and aggressive manner, you are letting the State know you are serious about resolving the matter. If a warrant for your arrest has been issued, it is only a matter of time before you will be prosecuted. If you live outside of Nevada, and a warrant for your arrest has been issued, there is a chance you could be arrested where you are and extradited back to Nevada. No matter where you live, don't run from your casino marker problem. If you don't think you have options, you may be surprised to learn that there are. Before coming to conclusions on your own, you should contact and discuss your case with an experienced casino marker attorney. By contacting an experienced casino marker attorney, you are taking control of your situation, and heading in the right direction. There are options available for everyone. Failing to take the proper steps to take control of your problems will result in severe consequences.

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