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Justin Bieber Cited for Reckless Driving

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

18-year-old pop star, Justin Bieber was spotted by police cruising down the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles going 100 miles per hour. The teen sensation claimed that he was trying to get away from paparazzi and was only going 80 miles per hour.

This was not the first account of the singer getting pulled over for a traffic violation. In fact, he was pulled over at least three times in 2011: once for making an unsafe turn, once for cutting off a highway patrolman, and once for looking too young to be behind the wheel.

Although he might have gotten away with the other three accounts, Bieber was not so lucky this time. He was cited for reckless driving.

According to Arizona law regarding reckless driving, A.R.S. 28-701.02, a person shall not:

  1. Exceed thirty-five miles per hour when approaching a school crossing.
  2. Exceed the posted speed limit in a business or residential district by more than twenty miles per hour, or if no speed limit is posted, exceed forty-five miles per hour.
  3. Exceed eighty-five miles per hour in other locations.

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