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Judge Praises Transformative Mediation

Posted by attorney Daniel Simon

The courts impact families with coercion and the threat of coercion. In this blog entry, read about a Judge who thinks transformative mediation might be the antidote. Judge Bruce Peterson of Minneapolis wrote an editorial in which he suggested that it's time to get the courts out of divorce. He reminds us that when a lawyer persuades a judge to issue an order, that order can be used to get a law enforcement officer to show up at someone's house "WITH A GUN" and move a child to the other parent's house. We lawyers often lose sight of the fact that we are indirectly threatening people that we're going to have them forced to do something almost literally at gunpoint.

In an email exchange with me, Judge Peterson suggested that transformative mediationmight be one of the tools that can help families stay far away from that sort of coercion. Follow this link to the full blog entry.

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