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James Cummings: littering tickets on vacation

Posted by attorney James Cummings

Hi! It's James Cummings with the law firm of Cummings & Cummings. I want to talk to you about littering tickets. I get clients all the time that call me that are— actually, they are amazed. They've been charged with the littering ticket because they flick the cigarette butt out of the window. What's even more troubling to them is the fine on the ticket. The fine on a littering ticket starts at $250.00 and by the time that you add court costs, you're looking at over $400.00 just to simply pay off a littering ticket. Don't pay that ticket off, for two reasons. One is that we may be able to save you some money by handling the ticket in a different manner and two, if you pay off the littering ticket, believe it or not, you're creating a permanent criminal record history for yourself. Give us a call at Cummings & Cummings today. We'd be glad to help you out with the littering ticket and hopefully we can save you some money.

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