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Jail Telephone Calls

Posted by attorney John Kaman

Many people dont get it despite those big signs above jail telephones that say all calls are being recorded. When your friend or loved one calls you from jail you simply cannot talk about his or her case. The contents are recorded and LISTENED to. Often the defense attorney is not made aware of jail tapes that can be used against the defendant until the last moment.

In the trial of a child molestor, at the beginning of the trial the DA gave me six months of recorded jail calls between the defendant and his mother. None were used because of late disclosure but many reinforced the prosecutors belief that my client was guilty.

I have a another case in which the DA just gave me 90 hours of jail tapes. Since its a month before trial he will be able to use these and there are conversations in his possession which should never have taken place.

Here on Avvo a few days ago because she identified a number of drug users in a jail call with her incarcerated friend. This person not only hurt the inmates case but could expose others to prosecution.

GET WITH IT PEOPLE. Keep your mouths shut and your heads up. Dont give the DA the one piece of evidence he needs to make your trial a foregone conclusion. And dont think youll get off because Anthony did. She had a very unexp[ected result. Most people have exactly the result youd exppect. BE CAREFUL!!!

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