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Ivy League Daughter of Mayor Gets Arrested for Shoplifting!

Posted by attorney William Umansky

Caroline Guiliani was arrested recently for allegedly stealing approximately 150 dollars in cosmetics from Sephora according to the Daily News. Caroline is a student at Harvard and comes from a powerful and well to do family. Her father Rudy was the Mayor of New York City during the terrorist strike on the Twin Trade Towers back on September 11th, 2001 and made an unsuccessful bid for President in the 2008 elections in the Republican Primary. Caroline is a theater major at Harvard and is twenty years old. She made news in 2007, when she supported Barack Obama against her dad in the Presidential Primary elections. The cosmetics wre found in Guiliani's jacket pockets. It is little known fact that many young women who are in college and educated tend to steal cosmetics from stores. The reasons are largely unknown but psychologists speculate that many of these thefts are related to the "excitement factor" . Unfortunately theft charges can cause a young woman to lose college scholarships and impact her career as employers typically shy away from hiring women who get charged with theft. Theft cases are serious whether they are small charges such as Petit theft or more serious charges such as Grand theft. Those charged face probation, possible jail, drivers license suspension in some states and a mark against their credibility. In some cases, sealing and expunging theft arrests become a critical part of handling a theft case and are important steps the accused should take to protect their privacy! Read more:\_crime/2010/08/04/2010-08-04\_caroline\_giuliani\_daughter\_of\_former\_nyc\_mayor\_rudy\_giuliani\_busted\_in\_alleged\_s.html#ixzz0w7ZA13eZ

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