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I've been charged with an Oregon DUII - do I need a lawyer?

I've been charged with an Oregon DUI - do I need a lawyer?

You absolutely have the constitutional right to represent yourself. With that said, and in all seriousness, representing yourself on any criminal case, let alone on a DUI charge that can have serious and long-lasting consequences, is just really not a good idea. To put it another way, don’t go to court without an experienced DUII attorney on your side.

You may be reading this with a bit of suspicion, coming from an attorney and all, but let me say this – I’d give this same advice to every member of my family. It is not because they aren’t smart or articulate because, for the most part, they are both. What they don’t have is experience in how the court system really works. If someone I loved was charged with a crime, I wouldn’t want he or she to step one foot in a courthouse without a solid and experienced attorney. The reason for this is pretty basic – at the end of the day this is a criminal case, and if the worst were to happen in that courtroom, my loved one could go to jail.

Our criminal court system has many strengths, but it has many weaknesses as well. Logic, reason, even fundamental fairness does not always win the day.

If you or someone you care about is facing an Oregon DUI, please feel welcome to call the Reynolds Defense Firm. We specializes exclusively on representing good people facing DUI or other criminal charges, and we offer a free initial consultation. Now of course my hope is that our conversation leads to us working together, but if not, at the very least we can give you answers to your questions so you can sleep easier tonight. (

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