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Items you will need to collect prior to filing for Adjustment of Status

Posted by attorney Neil Lewis
  1. a copy of the alien’s passport information page;
  2. four passport-style photos of the alien;
  3. two passport-style photos of the United States citizen (USC);
  4. a copy of the alien’s I-94 arrival document;
  5. certified copies of all arrest reports, court documents and final disposition of criminal records, if any;
  6. completed medical form I-693 with Supplement from an Immigration approved doctor;
  7. a copy of any marriage certificate between petitioner and alien beneficiary
  8. copies of any and all divorce decrees for all prior marriages of both petitioner and alien beneficiary (with translations if necessary);
  9. a copy of each alien beneficiary’s birth certificate (with translations if necessary);
  10. USC’s proof of citizenship (birth certificate or Naturalization certificate);
  11. previous years tax return for the petitioner with W-2s, along with gross income information for the two prior years;
  12. a letter from the USC’s employer stating wage, hours worked, and when the USC started, OR six recent paystubs from that employer. Note: in the event the petitioner is not employed, a notarized statement from petitioner stating date unemployment began

Please note that you do NOT need to submit evidence in support of the claimed relationship with the application, unless you are seeking a waiver of the prohibition on filing an I-130 for someone following their placement in removal proceedings.

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